Artist Bio

Bruce Rusiecki started drawing and painting at a young age. Later in life, he studied art for a short time at the University of Arizona, then changed his focus to Human Resource Management, graduating with a bachelor’s degree, followed quickly by an MBA. He put his artistic endeavours on hold for many years.  


Bruce’s love of art came rushing back at the end of 2016, after realizing the void in his life left by his two kids heading off to college.  Art began pouring out. Literally!  


Bruce is a self-trained artist, having mastered his craft through trial and error, discussions with other artists, books and videos. Bruce mainly works in a fluid acrylic style, which involves layering multiple colors of acrylic paint on canvas. Through his methods, he creates fascinating organic, cellular shapes formed out of brilliant color combinations. 


His bold use of colors, coupled with a range of design patterns in his work, has built a following of collectors and art lovers from all over the country. He is inspired to continue pushing the boundaries of this art form,  finding new and exciting color combinations and devising new ways of pouring, mixing and manipulating them on canvas. 


"I work in this medium because I love the randomness of it. I never know exactly what the final result will be. Finding color combinations that work well together, and then having them reveal surprising results is challenging, inspiring and just downright fun. I am constantly seeing new and inspiring colors in nature, in books, magazines, television, movies and my own imagination. I am passionate about what I do and committed to constantly exploring my passion.” 

- Bruce Rusiecki

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